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Our Stocking Plan

Stores have carried our Jewelry "free" for 20 years


Please read the terms &conditions below and if you are interested complete the application form below & submit. 

My mobile is 1-239-399-5739 Text/Voice/Message if you have any questions Steve


A Big Welcome to The Crystal Wizard in Gleneden, Oregan who has just joined our Stocking Plan



                                           Terms & Conditions     Apply below


1- Stores take $1000.00 (of their chosing) give us a $300.00 security deposit then sell & pay for what sold every 4th month and take more things (of their chosing) free.


2- Stores assign someone to be responsible for the display


3- Stores agree to chose their own things immediately otherwise I restock them using their sales reports


4- Stores agree to exchange what is over 365 days old at least once a year


5 - If a store is closing they agree to pay for what sold and return the remaining pcs to our place in Naples Florida


6 - Stores agree to keep a working CC on file with us


7- Stores agree to remain communicative and give us a mobile #


8- Stores understand they can increase their credit limit but that this might necessitate an extra amount on their security deposit


9 Stores understand that we hold the security deposit on acct and it is fully refundable if the acct is closed, outstanding covered  & pcs returned


Please complete the application
Download the PDF



Store name
Business owner(s)
Years of business
Resale #

Business address

Street Address for Shipments
City State/Prov Zip code/Postal Code
Country Phone # Mobile #
Email address Fax #
Two Businesses references
A - Name of Supplier Years doing business
Contact Phone
B - Name of Supplier Years doing business
Contact Phone

Help us get to know you better

1. Do you sell Sterling using a Point of Sales System? Yes No
2. Do you have a 'Under Glass' display case for our line? Yes No
3. Do you have store insurance to cover theft? Yes No
4. Is sterling jewelry a 'Core Selling' line for you? Yes No
5. Do you have markets for designs in the ... $20 - $50 range Yes No
$50 - $100 range Yes No
6. Will you deligate the management of our line to someone else? Yes No
7. How many other sterling jewelry lines do you carry? None 1 - 5     >5


 Please tick to agree to our Stocking Plan Terms below

Store Legal Name

Authorized Signer

Date mm/dd/yyyy 

Steve's Mobile Call/Text/Message  1-239-399-5739 Naples Fl.


Store References



Naples Florida USA