Essential Sterling Jewelry 

for your

 New Age, Metaphysical &

Spiritual Store

Beautiful Natural Stone Crystal Earth Studio Stering Silver Large Rings wholesale

Large Gorgeous Natural Stone Rings

Wholesale only Unique Spritual Natural Stone Metaphysical Rings

Attractive Unique Ring Designs

A wonderful selection of Metaphysical Symbol Natural Stone Sterling Silver Rings

New Designs All the Time

Unique Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Metaphysical Silver Rings wholesale

Symbol Jewelry

Goddess, Celtic, Wiccan, 4 Directions, Chakra, Evil eye & more

Crystal Earth Studio Wiccan Sterling Silver Spiritual Symbol Goddess Rings  wholesale only

Fast Selling Small Accent Ring Lines

Healing Spiritual Goddess Crystal Earth Studio pendants

Meaningful Symbol Pendants

Healing New Age Spiritual Sterling Silver Crystal Earth Studio Points for wholesale

Crystal Point Lines

With Lots of Stones, Designs & Selection

Spiritual Dowsing Pendulums from Crystal Earth Studio Sterling Jewelry Wholesale

Dowsing Pendulums in all shapes & sizes

Natural stone Crystal Earth studio wholesale Sterling Designs

Only Natural Hand Cut Stones Ever

& best of all


You never need to worry as

everything is backed up with a




                                                  Wholesale Only 



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Herbs and Arts in Denver Co. sells Crystal Earth Studio wholesale Spiritual Sterling Silver Jewelry

Herbs & Arts Denver Co  John told us that sales have been so good

that he has started reordering every 6 weeks to keep the display full

& selling

The Astrology Store in Gendale Arizona displays Crystal Earth Studio wholesale New Age Sterling Jewelry

Astrology Store Glendale AZ   Dave swears by the Crystal Earth line

he say our sales have gone bonkers and his secret is to reorder often

and that it really boosts his turnover hugely adding to his sale's profit

Canterbury Emporium In S. Carolina sells Healing Chakra and Goddess Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Jewelry

Canterbury Emporium in SC  Christina has grow her sales by nearly

5 times by a "simple" habit of replacing her sold designs monthly


         & many more stores who successfully sell our line

                               Many for over 15 years


Alchemy Arts In Chicago Ilinois successfully sells Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Natural Stone Sterling Jewelry

Alchemy Arts in Chicago Il.

Cast a Stone in Abingtom Mass. sells Crystal Earth Metaphysical Sterling Jewelry

Cast A Stone in Abington Mass.

Alexandria 2 In Pasadena California is a long term Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Sterling Gemstone Jewelry

Alexandria 2 Pasadena Ca

 Magus Books in Minneapolis Mn. displays Celtic, New age Jewelry from Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale

Magus Books in Minneapolis Mn

The Crystal Barn in Visalia California displays and sells Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale  Sterling New Age Jewelry

Crystal Barn Visalia Ca.

Barjons Books is a long time seller of Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Sterling Metaphysical Gemstone Jewelry

Barjons Books   Billing Montana

Thanks To Higher Self in Traverse City Michigan for selling Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age sterling Jewelry

Higher Self   Traverse City, Michigan

The very interesting The Hoot Own in Atlanta Georgia displays and sellsCcrystal Earth Studio Wholesale Spiritual Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Hoot Owl Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to Garden Of Enchantment for Featuring our Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age and wiccan new Age Jewelry

Garden Of Enchantments in Sacremento Ca.

The gorgeous The Covens Cottage in Salem Ma. sells Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age and wiccan goddess Sterling Natural stone Jewelry

The Covens Cottage, Salem Ma.






                Many Many More





 Thrive with Crystal Earth In Your Store