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Beautiful Natural Stone Crystal Earth Studio Stering Silver Large Rings wholesale

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Unique Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Metaphysical Silver Rings wholesale

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Crystal Earth Studio Wiccan Sterling Silver Spiritual Symbol Goddess Rings  wholesale only

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Natural stone Crystal Earth studio wholesale Sterling Jewelry for your Spiritua, Metaphyscial and New Age clientsl

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Pay After You Sell Terms

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for over 33 years



           Sterling Jewelry Supplier

                                             Since 1989

                       Our eternal thanks to all our wonderful customers

Herbs and Arts has carried our Spiritual wholesale Sterling Jewelry  for years Sterling Jewelry supplying Metaphysical, Spiritual and New Age Stores for 33 years

                  Herbs & Arts Denver Co  


        Our Stocking Terms Program


We have stocked 100s of stores free, for

 20 years, on these "profit first" terms.


   Because stores retain 100% of their profit on our Stocking Terms

  Program versus when they buy direct, they only retain approx 40%


    Application on our site                         Toll Free: 1-866-345-1910


Crystal Earth wholesale sells our New Age Sterling Natural Stone Spiritual Jewelry at The Astrolgy Store in Glendale Arizona

                                 The Astrology Store in Glendale AZ


   Our Store Discount/Terms Program


                        For our direct buyers  


                         Credit application on our site*

Canterbury Emporium In S. Carolina sells Crystal Earth Healing Chakra and Goddess sterling Jewelry from Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale

                                         Canterbury Emporium in SC


                                    Warranty Program

Every design comes with its own warranty card,

which you give to your client and we take care of

any problems


Alchemy Arts In Chicago Ilinois sells Crystal Earth Studio wholesale Spiritual Natural Stone Metaphysical Sterling Jewelry

                        Alchemy Arts in Chicago Il.


            Special Order Program


You can order designs & rings in sizes 5-13 half sizes

which can be delivered to your client's home.


Cast a Stone in Abingtom Mass. sells Crystal Earth Metaphysical Sterling Jewelry

                          Cast A Stone in Abington Mass.


             Social Media Program


We give you all your pictures, videos, model shots +

stone property content to save you precious time


Alexandria 2 In Pasadena California is a long term Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Sterling Gemstone Jewelry

                               Alexandria 2 Pasadena Ca


               Exchange program


We 100% exchange anything and provide a way to

identify the designs & prepare the return paperwork



 Magus Books in Minneapolis Mn. displays Celtic, New age Jewelry from Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale

                    Magus Books in Minneapolis Mn


           Barcode, POS program


Every design comes properly bar coded and every

order has loading XL files to update your Store's

point of sales or website


  Our thanks to all the stores who show & sell us. 


The Crystal Barn in Visalia California displays and sells Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale  Sterling New Age Jewelry

Crystal Barn Visalia Ca.

Barjons Books is a long time seller of Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale Sterling Metaphysical Gemstone Jewelry

Barjons Books   Billing Montana

Thanks To Higher Self in Traverse City Michigan for selling Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age sterling Jewelry

Higher Self   Traverse City, Michigan

The very interesting The Hoot Own in Atlanta Georgia displays and sellsCcrystal Earth Studio Wholesale Spiritual Sterling Silver Jewelry

The Hoot Owl Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to Garden Of Enchantment for Featuring our Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age and wiccan new Age Jewelry

Garden Of Enchantments in Sacremento Ca.

The gorgeous The Covens Cottage in Salem Ma. sells Crystal Earth Studio Wholesale New age and wiccan goddess Sterling Natural stone Jewelry

The Covens Cottage, Salem Ma.


           & Many Many more