Crystal Earth has Stocking Plan Trials. Stores take $1000.00 of our line*, sell us in their stores and in 3-4 months they decide to continue, buy direct or return our line - No risk offer

Some conditions apply*




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Stocking Plan Trial 


Terms & Agreements


You agree that we stock your store with a $1,000.00 (your choices) and you come every 3-4 months pay for what sold and take more. Many stores do this to prove to themselves (with no risk) that our line sells well for them. Most stores decide to continue on the Stocking Plan selling our line.


You understand that we will provide you with the online way to  do this . . .  running successfully for 18 year


You understand that you will have an "available balance" which may be increased on request.


You agree that should there be any issue in a shipment that you will let us know immediately.


You agree to pay for your sold designs at the online sold billing checkout.


You agree to return +12 month items at least once a year  to Naples at your expense to exchange for new things


You agree to keep an updated CC on file with us


You agree that if you don't chose your new things after billing your sales that we have your permission, after 5 days, to bring your the display back to its available balance level based on your sales trends & records.


You understand that we will ask for a small security deposit which might vary slightly based on your years in business and on whether we have any credit history with you.

You understand that you can convert your stocking plan to a direct purchase acct (with discount or terms conditions) at any time and in the case where you decide to return all the unsold pieces to our Naples, Fl. address you agree to do so at your expense & pay for any sold items.


Submission of your application indicates you have read and agree with our terms & conditions