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Our Stocking Program



Most new stores get to know us by taking a free display from us on our Stocking Program.


Although it is ideally suited for stores with a Point of Sales system who can bill their sales from a report & only do a physical count once a year, we do have . . .


Many stores who use our Stocking program manually, as it is ideally suited for new stores & owners to control their costs, as it is the best, low cost, risk free way there is to sell sterling.


Apply by submitting your store information below & confirming terms


Store Information
Business legal name
Business owner(s)
Years of business
Business address
City State/Prov Zip code/Postal Code
Country Phone # Mobile #
Email addresses 1 Fax #
Name of the suppliers contact for the plan
Home Address of one principal owner of business
Name of Principal
City State/Prov Zip code/Postal Code
Country Phone # at home
Two Businesses references
A - Name of Supplier Years doing business
B - Name of Supplier Years doing business
Do you sell Sterling using a Point of Sales System?         Yes          No
Please choose one below
Please send my initial shipment using your best sellers
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Store Legal Name


Date mm/dd/yyyy



  Terms & Understandings


Stores who manage their displays manually can take up to $1200.00 and stores that manage their displays with a Point of Sales from reports can take up to $4,000.00



You agree to give our jewelry a good sales location in your store & agree to restock the display at least every 3-4 months. Stores use POS reports, manual counts, many cut tags and only do a count bi annually - The idea is stores can restock much more often



We provide all the social media content for your shipments; pictures, model shots & videos plus POS uploading files in links in the shipped & delivery emails you will receive and on our site on the Restocking POS page.



We ask that you keep an updated CC on file with us to secure the sales of our jewelry in your store.



We hope that should there be any issue in any shipment that you will let us know right away.



If you use our online restocking POS page to do your own restocking then shipping is free otherwise there is a $15.00 charge.



You agree to pay for sold designs as soon as you report them as sold using the online CC payment option at the end of the Restocking POS process  Note: payment by check can be arranged.



Older pcs are eligible for exchange after 12 months and we strongly recomment that you consider pulling older things at the same time you check your restocking - your report shows each pc's aging.



Please note: If you wish to chose your own new designs for restocking we ask that you please do so at the same time you reported your sales online . . . otherwise we autostock based on your sales records.   Stocking plan displays must be kept full, using all the available credit, as part of this agreement.



If you should wish to stop selling our Jewelry, you agree to return all the unsold pieces to our Naples, Florida address, at your expense, in good shape and pay for any sold designs.



Deposits - There may be cases where if we are unfamiliar with your store we will ask for a deposit.