Cash is King


Stock your store with great Jewelry and never use your personal cash.


  Using our proven method

This is a proven method to make allot of money selling jewelry and never dip into your cash . . Christina at Canterbury Dagger in Summerville NC follows this method to the letter and increased her sales in 18 months from $250.00 every 3 months to $1400.00    More to the point in the middle of the covid19 crisis Christina came and billed $425.00 of sales for March and paid us.  Im sure you get the significance of that.     See other References


The success of our method is based on what we call "The Rule"


The Rule

A store can never make any real money when they buy jewelry direct.

Its simple and its based on math, although many stores struggle for years thinking some new version of buying direct will work, it can't because the math is all wrong.


The Math

When you buy Jewelry direct, or any variation thereof (see below) your store makes no money until the order is paid for and by then 40% of the good stock is sold and now your rate of sales starts to slow dramatically . . then you get a nice profit spike for a month or so but then the display looks empty and the process start all over again.


Our Method Steps 1:2:3

1- Take a float of our jewelry between $1000.00 - $2000.00 (small deposit required)

2- Promote on Facebook/Instagram using the social media content that comes with each order.

3- Bill your sales monthly, pay for solds and restock the float using our online system

Stores say to me ;

1- Yeah but, this is the way its always been done and I say" if you look closely what you will see is happening is the buy direct method creates cashflow (not profit) and many stores have used that cashflow to create credit which they use to expand their buying but little to nothing  ends up in cash or their savings.  If feels like a "vicious circle" it's because it is . . .

2- Stores say yeah but I get 90 day terms! and I say that's the same thing.  You give all the money you make to pay for the order in 90 days instead of right away then you get that nice 1 month sales spike and then you need to restock and it starts again and your expenses eat anything you make because earnings are not steady.

3- But some stores say wait, I have this special deal, this nice Indian gentleman or travelling salesman just drops off jewelry for me to sell but I say; it's the same thing.  If they show up once every 6 months your rate of sale has gone down to almost zero long before then . . . (your expenses are the same every month right?) . . . so you must have a way to maintain your rate of sales to make any real money you can put aside & save.


Our method is proven to work and if stores decide to save the cash they make with us instead of using it to pay a "direct purchase" supplier's bill instead, they can put allot of money into their savings this way.


When times are tight "Cash is King"



Read More about Steves personal experience with credit and why he sells his Jewelry the way he does.

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