Welcome this is the Crystal Earth team . . . we have been Sterling Jewelry wholesalers for 30 years . . . we have programs especially designed to help your store increase it's sales of our line, such as; Direct purchase volume discounts, Net 30 buying terms, Full Line Catalog orders, full Social Media content & 100% value exchanges plus our Premier Program where . . .

The Premier Program  

Stores take a float of $1000.00 - $2000.00 worth of our jewelry and only give us a 40% security deposit . . . then they restocking their display, replacing what's sold, every 1 to 5 months depending on their preference and never pay for jewelry in advance again. Application

                            Why selling jewelry this way is better

Most Designer, Fashion and Jewelry stores now favor this sort of managed consignment plans with their suppliers for some simple reasons . . . When you buy Jewelry direct you make no money until the order is paid for . . . that means that 30-40%  of that order's first sales (the fast selling designs) go 100% to pay for the order.  You make Zero.  On a Managed Consignment Program you make your store's profit from your first sale onward.   That makes a huge difference.

You make your profit from your first sale.

Also, as soon as the direct purchase order is paid for it's rate of sale starts to slow dramatically until you have 15-20% left and the display looks empty and the whole process starts again.  It is a very slow, hard way to make any money.   On a Managed Consignment Program, where restocking is free, you can replace your sold pieces every month if you wish and keep your display full &  selling "full out".   It's a big advantage.

You can restock as many times as you like.


Direct purchase chart

The world has changed so how stores buy &

sell Jewelry has changed too.


We stock you free and provide you easy online reordering.  That means you can replace your sold pieces as many times as you like and we provide you all your facebook content and Point Of Sales loading Excel files so keeping your rate of sales steady & high is easy.

Canterbury Cloak & Dagger in Summerville NC

. . . follows our method to the letter Christina the co-owner took a float, promotes our line using the facebook content we provide and replaces her solds monthly on our online site.

Christina has increased her Jewelry sales from $250.00 every 3 months to $1400.00 using our method.   

You can too & keep all the profit for yourself and your store.



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