Store Marketing to Grow Sales & Traffic


1- Online presence with SEO

2- Social Media Marketing

3- Client Email Marketing

4- Store Display

5- Breakout rooms on Facebook, Zoom etc etc




     The Goal



Advantages - Coverage, Trending, Geo Locating


What is the current reality for most stores?

25% coverage of followers many are much lower.


Why is that? - Who is Facebook?



The ahah moment. Facebook is a search engine




Chose keywords for key 3-5 Subjective Lines -Why?



Create text files using key words for each line



Optimization -2


Put the Key words into Metadata



Build Keywords into your Page posts





Build content files steadily through month





Schedule & Localize your posts using Publishing Tools






The Scheduler will get your ranking up



Get rewarded by using Instagram from Dashboard




Get Rewarded Use Instagram From Dashboard





Now Start Limited Paid Localized Ads



Trending must be your goal




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