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There is a ton of business going on all around our stores with online buyers and the proper use of Social Media Promotion will tap into it . . . but it has to be done properly.  How do we know this?   Because we have some adventureous stores doing just that!

In the last 10 years online marketers like Amazon, Facebook/Instagram and 1000's of other online sellers have flooded our market. The pressing question for many store owners is:

How can a single store compete in the face of all this competition.

Some of our Crystal Earth store clients have experimented with a way to attract online buyers into their stores using targeted Social Media promotion . . . In truth online retailers have grown our market and what these stores have done is found a "method" to tap into their local online market. 

The "Trending Posting" Method


What these stores did was identify 2-3 attractor lines in their stores . . .  these are the lines clients often visit specifically to see & buy and they replace the sales of those lines monthly and promote them on Social Media.

The Point by Point Method

They use the Facebook dashboard linked to Instagram to post 2-3 times a day . . . 90% of their posts are product posts . . .  they use the Scheduler on Publishing tools so they can do a month's worth of posts at one time and they use the Regionalizer to target an area around their store from 2 to 50 miles (in larger centers like NY they target a smaller area) with these Posts.  Then they use specific "Key Words" and "Hashtags" for these lines in their posts and backlink their store's website.  

In a matter of months this posting procedure will have your store showing up (trending) in local Social Media and search engine searches that have those key words and hashtags in them and will attract local online buyers into your store.  

Your physical store has many advantages to these online buyers, especially for "touch & feel" lines like jewelry, they just have to be able to find you.

How do we know this works?

We have stores doing it and their sales have gone up 3 - 6 times for our line alone.   New buyers are finding them, buyers who in the case of my line are responding to a single item retail sale ranging from $50 - $100+ dollars and that's who they want to attract to their store.

It works great with my Crystal Earth line because I stock your display, so it's easy to keep your display full & selling.



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